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2013-06-12 11.40.58 HDRToday I got to see my dear Polish friend Iwona and her sweet newborn Zosia (hoping I spelled that correctly).  Absolutely the highlight of the day.  I met Iwona during my last trip here.  She is friends with Sandy Hatfield, who heard our story about Grace and wanted us to meet.  Iwona and her husband lost their baby, Stas, the previous February.  I’ve tried to e-mail Iwona a few times over the last year, but the messages don’t get through for some reason.  So today we were able to talk and enjoy the sweet “rainbow baby” God has blessed her with.  We talked about the meeting on Friday and some of the difficult times that should be addressed.  It was great to see her and a beautiful day for a stroll and a talk by the lake.

The rest of the day was full of the usual  …. writing, bracelet making, WiFi networking and VBS Skyping.  Today Anna introduced Andrzej and Tanya to the kids and they spoke some sentences in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and German.  I think the kids were impressed!

This evening was a concert.  It was absolutely beautiful. Guitar, piano, cello, violin, base and beautiful harmony.  I could have listened for hours.  The clip won’t do it justice, but it was amazing.

Tomorrow is the last full day our friends from Israel will be with us.  I’m anxious to hear Kazik’s final message to them, which we missed last year because we had to fly home.  I understand that it is in this message that he will truly present the gospel of Christianity.

A quick matter of prayer….  I seem to be battling either sudden allergy symptoms or some sort of bug.  I’ve had a strange collection of symptoms, but the most bothersome is my very irritated and itchy throat and a good deal of fatigue.  This concerns me because this speaking engagement is just two days away.  It is the sort of throat irritation that can lead to a horse voice.  Ben hasn’t been feeling too great either.  Please just pray that God will bring a quick end to this nonsense so we can keep doing his work fully.  I will deliver my message in one way or another on Friday, but it would be nice it I felt well and had my voice to do it!

Today marks the half way point of our time here.  I can’t believe how fast it’s going.


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