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2013-06-11 21.06.44 HDR

Today I juggled several different things.  Andrzej and I went downtown for our radio interview.  I think it was a little rocky to start, but in the end I think it went ok.  Of course, I always think of how I could have said things better later, but we accomplished the goal.  When we returned, I used the prayer room as a quite place to isolate myself for prayer and writing.  God and I accomplished the first draft of the first part of the talk and an outline for the whole evening.  There is a lot left to do on this, and I’m trying to balance it with everything else.

What else, you ask?  Well… when I finished that, I did a practice run and back-up video for VBS.  The video was just in case we were unable to establish a live Skype connection between Anna in Ostroda and Ronna and the VBS kids in Rockville.   Fortunately, we didn’t have to use it.  We had a decent connection.  Anna was able to talk to the VBS kids – introducing them to the Korytkowski kids and answering some questions.  What’s the weather like?  What food do you like?  What animals do they have?  Tomorrow I’m hopeful that we can let the kids hear some Polish, Ukrainian and Russian and meet our awesome interpreters.  Sasha, Oksana and Tanya… if you’re reading this… I need to talk to you about something!

I finished bracelet #3 of the 6 or 7 I need to complete in order to have given one to each of the Jewish ladies.

Ben worked on the internet some more and typing up the notes from his visits to churches with Dave to report back to PCM.

Finally, we attended the evening session, where we continued to learn from the book of Esther.  I’ve enjoyed listening to Kazik speak about the similarities between the writings of this book and the history of the Holocaust.

Tomorrow will be more of all these different things (plus I really need to clean up this room we’re calling home a bit!).  It’s a challenge to juggle all these different areas of ministry, but it’s a problem I’m glad to have.  So many avenues of spreading God’s word.  So glad to be a part of them all.

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