Last Day With The Israelites

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2013-06-13 16.26.26

Ok… so it probably isn’t proper to call them Israelites anymore, but we (the Americans) have enjoyed referring to them as such.   Today was our last day with them.  They leave tomorrow morning after breakfast.  We enjoyed two sessions with them in which there was much gift-giving.  There had been many references now and then throughout the week about Jesus Christ and I have come to know that many of these Jews have become believers in Jesus as the Messiah.  One gentleman, who I have spent a lot of time talking to said to me, “I am a Jew, yes.  But I am of a new kind of belief, a belief that Jesus was not just a prophet.”  I’m not sure we’ll ever know exactly how lives might have been changed or relationships with God deepened this week, but I trust that God has been at work.

Anna and Ben worked on the volleyball court today, getting weeds pulled and junk raked out of it.  (Ethan made “sand angels”).

Photo Jun 13, 16 55 21

April and I shopped for some materials I needed for tomorrow night’s talk.  We worked on making tags that will be tied onto white flowers.  People will have an opportunity to write the name of their baby on the tags and add them to a vase during tomorrow’s meeting.

Now, I need to work on slides and a music playlist before I go to bed, so I’ll bid you all goodnight (even though it isn’t even dinner time in Indiana yet!)

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