The Last Full Day of Camp

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I don’t want to talk about it.  It will be hard to say goodbye tomorrow.

UCC Days 4, 5 & 6

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Ok… so it’s been a little busy around here and I have fallen a bit behind with the blog.  (I’m typing in my sleep, actually.  I found it necessary to develop that skill.)  Below are the picture videos from the last few days, which will give you a good view of all we’ve been doing.  Tomorrow is the last full day.  We say goodbye to our dear friends, the kids as well as the Ukrainian team of leaders, Saturday morning, just before we leave for Warsaw ourselves.  Will you please pray over the beautiful children today?  Pray for the message of this week to take root – for them to leave this place with a new or deeper relationship with Jesus as their Savior, Father, Friend, Redeemer, Rescuer, Creator, Light and all the other names we’ve taught about this week.

UCC Day 3

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I’m missing campfire right now, my very favorite part of camp, because I seem to have caught the bug that’s been going around here.  Tori and I were discussing that there must be different viruses in Poland because we get sick at some point every year.  Tomorrow the group goes to Gdańsk, but the Porter family will stay behind – getting well, catching up on laundry, spending some time with each other (we hardly see each other at all when camps are in session), and starting to pack up.

Here is the picture video from today.

UCC Day 2

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I got to teach today about Noah – the events surrounding him and the Great Flood, but focusing on how Noah points us to Jesus as our Rescuer.  I had a great time sharing with the kids.  I gave them each a gift of a little rubber bath duck dressed up like an animal or even Noah himself.  They were to serve as reminders that Jesus will rescue them from their sins.  Our memory verse was John 10:9 “I am the door.  If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved.”

Here’s today’s picture video (apologies for the duplicate pictures and a couple things out of order!)

The First Day of the Last Camp

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Do you ever have one of those days that feels like at least two days?   Today was one of those.  As I prepared the video of the awesome pictures the Jones family took, I could hardly believe that the Ukrainian kids just got off the bus this morning.   As much as the day was long, it was also wonderful.  But I’m too tired to write any more.  It is midnight and I teach tomorrow. Just wanted to ask for prayer that God will give me His message to share.  You’ll get a good idea of the day from the video.  

Oh… and please pray for Ben’s back.  It’s giving him lots of trouble and pain. 😕

We’re Still Here! 

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My apologies for the very long stretch between posts. My computer will not turn on. At all. This is a major problem. Especially since it isn’t actually mine.  I wonder if Jill Wiram or Phil Harrison will see this post. 😬😳😣 But beyond that, my lesson for the upcoming camp is on it.  It might sound silly, but will you take a moment to pray for my computer? I need it constantly for the next camp, as I also use it to do the daily picture video.  There are other computers I can borrow, but having my own would be best.

Over the days since I last wrote, we have finished our time with the Holocaust Survivors,  “flipped the camp”, said goodbye to the first short-term team, and began preparations for the Ukrainian Children’s camp starting Saturday. If you can only pray for one thing, forget about my computer and pray over the kids who are soon to make their way here, many of whom are refugees.  If you can pray for two things, pray for the next short-term team currently on their way.  (If you can pray for more, please include my computer. 😉)

Here are some pictures from the last few days!


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I enjoyed a little time with my friend, Iwona, and her sweet littlest, Basia. Love this lady. She is beautiful inside and out and is such a good, hard-working Mom. ❤️