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Our Journey Back to Poland

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Hello from Poland!!

After getting dropped off at the airport by our amazing friends, we went to check in. Thankfully, everything went smoothly there! We got through security¬†with no problem and boarded the plane. The plane was pretty nice! We flew by AirBerlin. We even got mini toothbrushes and toothpaste to use on the plane! It was hard to sleep, as usual, so most of the time I watched movies. They served hot and cold beverages with dinner and breakfast. It was yummy! ūüôā

After landing, we had a layover in Berlin, which wasn’t as nice. They had canceled several flights (thankfully not ours) and were running WAY behind. It was very unorganized and crowded. After boarding, we ended up waiting an hour on the plane before we actually took off. But it’s ok. I’m sure there’s a reason they were running so behind.

After landing that¬†flight in Warsaw, Poland, we took a taxi to a hotel where we checked in. We ate pizza and went shopping. Overall, I’d say our journey has gone VERY good so far! We will continue¬†our journey soon! Bye!



An emotional & fun day

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Today we went to the Studof concentration camp. Lidia and I went for ¬†the first time. It was sad and emotional for lots of people. Today was also Grace’s 10th birthday (for those of you who know). The fun part was that afterwords we went to the Baltic Sea and I¬†FINALLY got to put my feet in! The legs of my pants were wet the the rest of the way back, but it was worth it! Sorry I haven’t posted very much, but it’s ben kind of busy.