Other Ways To Support

We believe that the greatest thing you can do to support us is to pray for us and those who we will meet in Poland.  However, there are certainly a lot of other needs to make this happen as well.  If you would like to support us beyond prayers, but cannot contribute financially, read through the list below.  If you feel led to help us with anything you see there (or something you think of that we haven’t yet), please let us know!

  • Share, share, share!  Use the share buttons on the bottom of our posts and pages to share to social media.  Maybe one of your friends would like to buy from our Mission Store or give out of the generosity of their hearts.
  • Participate in a fund-raiser.  We have them throughout the year, selling various items & services that you may need or want, or which would make great gifts.  This may be money you would be spending anyway, but doing so through us supports the ministry.  Watch this blog and our Facebook Page for announcements!
  • Organize and carry out a fundraiser on our behalf!  We’ve had several people do this in the past and it has always been a big help.
  • We might need someone to drive us to or from the airport in Chicago (where we get the best ticket prices).
  • We need donations for our Mission Store.  We use Etsy to sell items, so they have to conform to certain guidelines – handcrafted or vintage collectibles only.  We may be able to sell some services as well through our actual webpage. Donating something for us to sell can be just as helpful as giving money.
  • We need supplies.  Maybe you have some of them lying around your house collecting dust.   We have a better use for them!  I list these items in our Mission Supply List on Amazon, which I’ll purchase from if they are not donated by the time we need them.  Go check it out and see if you have anything you could supply!  If you’re so inclined, you can also buy from this list and have the items sent to us.

Come back and check this page!  We will post more ways to support as we think of them.

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