Financial Support

Thank you so much coming to our Financial Support page!  We really struggle with this aspect of ministry – asking for money is hard.  And yet, we cannot go unless we have financial help. We set aside money from every paycheck year-round and work most evenings on craft and artistic items we can sell in our Mission Store because we want to do everything we can to cover expenses ourselves.  But it’s not enough.  We believe that God calls some to go, and others to send.  We hope that we can provide an opportunity for you to play a role in fulfilling the Great Commission by supporting missions.  It will be a blessing to you.

The first hurdle is airfare – we can’t serve in this ministry unless we can get there.  It also accounts for about half of the yearly cost.  The sooner we can buy, the better price we can usually get. Our goal is to have the airfare purchased by January 1 or sooner.  Once we’ve secured our transportation, we will focus on the remaining mission costs (lodging, ground transportation, ministry costs, etc.).  We will need to have these funds by May 1.

Here is our current fundraising status towards this year’s mission.   Check back for updates!  The total needed will fluctuate a bit with changes in airfare and conversion rates.


Ways to Support This Ministry

  • Become a Ministry Partner!  We are seeing individuals, families, small groups, Sunday School classes, churches, etc. that are willing to commit to monthly support.  Ministry partners will receive a customized giving box to help remind you to give your gift and pray for us.  You’ll also receive a 20% discount on all items in our Mission Store with a special secret discount code we’ll give you.  Click here to sign up!
  • You may donate online with a credit card or PayPal account using the links below (not tax-deductible).

  • Donation checks may be written directly to J. Ben or Rachel Porter and mailed to the address below (not tax-deductible).
Ben & Rachel Porter
210 N. Jefferson St.
Rockville, IN 47872
  • Donation checks may be written to the order of Rockville Christian Church and mailed to the address below or placed in the offering plate.  Please indicate on the memo “Porter Poland Mission”.  (tax-deductible)

Rockville Christian Church
ATTN: Missions Committee
292 West US Hwy 36
Rockville, IN  47872

  • Screenshot 2015-02-17 20.16.09All proceeds from sales from our Mission Store go directly into our Poland Fund.  Most items are hand-crafted and unique.  Buy something that you can enjoy and will remind you to pray for the Porters in Poland!  Or do your gift-buying with us!  Our items make wonderful gifts and we do lots of custom work.  Give a gift that gives in so many more ways than something bought from a big box store!  Making a purchase or sharing our store with your friends and family is a great way to support us financially.
  • Purchase and donate something from our Mission Supply List.  This will reduce the cost of the products we make to sell, which increases the amount of money going into our mission fund.  If you purchase an item that we need to take with us to Poland, it will help lower our ministry costs.  This list will be updated frequently as our needs change.

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