Financial Support

Thank you so much coming to our Financial Support page!  If you’ve read our post A Different Path, you already know that we need to sit this year out from actually traveling to and directly serving in Poland. We hope to do so again sometime soon, but we’ll be prayerfully listening to when and how that should be or if there is another way He wants to direct us.

Funds already raised for a 2020 mission (about $7000) will be distributed to support the ministries we’ve been involved in for so many years as well as those of others who are responding to called to serve. Here’s a breakdown of how we feel God is currently leading us to pass on these dollars:

  • to provide scholarships for about 20 Ukrainian kids & teens to experience a life-changing week of camp
  • to support our friend Sasha who serves a military chaplain in Ukraine 
  • to support Send Me Ministries as they share the gospel with Holocaust Survivors and Jewish people in Poland and Israel 
  • to support our friend Becky who has an opportunity to serve on a short term mission to Africa 
  • to support our friend Abigail in her mission trip to Nicaragua
  • to support our brother and sister in their work with Africa New Life 
  • to earn interest in our missions savings fund and be available for use when God opens the next door for us

We will keep our donation button active (top right). If you feel so lead to give, please indicate in the comments which of these worthy needs you would like your donation to go towards.

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