Good News, Bad News

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LOT-787The bad news is that the dip in the airfare did not last quite long enough.  The fares went back up over the weekend and we watched for them to drop again Monday-Tuesday, including checking into the 1 AM trick.  No good.  The prices actually kept climbing just a tad each day.   We took a look at the seats and found there to only be about 10 left on the flight we felt was the best time.  We decided with that few of seats and just 4 weeks to go, the price wasn’t likely to go down again and we were just going to have to go ahead and buy.

But wait… what’s this flight we hadn’t seen before on this other airline?  Nonstop? Only $5 per ticket more?  Seriously?  Now if you’ve ever flown with multiple layovers…. if you’ve ever flown with children… you can imagine the gleam in our eyes at the idea of getting on just one plane and shaving 5 hours off our travel time!  Whooo hooo!  So much less stress.  We jumped on it.

Having our ride to Chicago (thank you Pat and Janet!) and our plane tickets secured are two big checkmarks.  Next hurdle is saving/earning/receiving the remaining $5000 for all the other expenses.  We have just 10 days before this check needs to be on it’s way to Polish Christian Ministries.  My analytical & human-natured brain immediately goes to “That’s $500 per day! Yikes!”.  But I think God just laughs and rolls his eyes.

So…. YARD SALE at our house on Saturday!  Proceeds go toward feeding, sleeping, and supplying materials to four little missionaries.  Bracelets are still for sale as well.  I’m actually caught up on “orders”, and Mother’s Day is in just 12 days, so l’ll be beading like crazy on Saturday too.  Let me know if you have any special requests!

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