Blessings & Prayer Request

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blessingSo, I had a pretty stinky day today.  Lots of stress.  I think that God decided to just shower me with some blessings this afternoon and evening…

– a friend stops to chat and see how I’m doing because she knew the morning was stressful

– another sends a text to encourage me

– the weather was beautiful, and I had time to enjoy a few minutes of it

– there is a daily increasing possibility that a friend will join us for part of our trip – a friend who will no doubt change the lives of some precious Russian children

– I received three messages in the last 24 hours from people who love their prayer bracelets

– our Sunday School class gave a support check that has pushed us over the amount we need for airfare (when we combine our savings, bracelet profits, and donations given through the church)

– a loving and supporting couple has agreed to drive us to (and from if necessary) Chicago so we can get the best and cheapest flight possible

Thank you, God.  I needed those blessings today.

A quick prayer request… the price of airfare had dipped last week.  As we’ve been checking to see if we have the funds available to purchase, it has gone back up.  I’ve heard that 1:00 AM on a Tuesday is the best time to buy.  So I’ll be setting an alarm tomorrow night (or, more likely just staying up because I’m a night owl anyway) to try an catch a dip.  Please pray that it happens.  We need to get this part settled and it’s a difference of nearly $800.  We have enough to cover the price it’s at now, but I’d sure rather put that $800 towards the $5000 we’ll still need by May 10 to cover all the other expenses!

One thought on “Blessings & Prayer Request

    Janann Lynn Frame said:
    April 30, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    So happy to hear that God put people in the right place to turn your stinky day into the lovely day of smelling the aroma from spring flowers! 🙂 Will keep praying that you can get the tickets & the finances nailed down. I LOVE my bracelet and I’ve had a couple of people comment on it, I told them all about it. Hang in there! Love, Jan


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