Financial Update

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Thank you so much to all who are helping us inch our way to the enormous cost of this trip ($10,000).  We saw a midweek dip in the cost of  airline tickets this week.  Since we only have enough in our savings to cover three of the four tickets, we didn’t purchase.  But… we are hoping the amount for the 4th ticket is available through funds collected at the church.  We’ll find that out this week and try to jump on the next price dip (please pray there is one… it’s about an $800 difference!).

After that, we’ll still need $5000, which needs to be turned in to Polish Christian Ministries by May 13.  The graph below show’s what we have in our actual savings and does not account for money that has been collected at RCC.  When we get that information this week, we’ll post an updated graph.  Based on the support and commitment to missions the congregation has shown in the past, I think there will be a lot less purple when we know that number.

The bracelet fund-rasier continues (need a gift for Mother’s Day?!?!) and we’ll be holding a yard sale next weekend, May 4, to raise funds as well.  Come out and see what we have that you could use!

If you are feeling led to help financially, please read our Financial Support page.  Even the smallest gift is helpful and such a blessing to us.

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