Gdańsk, Shabbat & Olympics

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We’ve been very busy with the Holocaust Survivors. Thursday was a nice road trip to Gdańsk, a beautiful city on the Baltic Sea. Yesterday, we did various activities at and near the camp (flea market, crafts, kayaking, etc) with them followed by a wonderful celebration to begin Shabbat – dinner, dancing, and a concert from guest musicians I could have listened to all night. Today, we held Olympic Games. This is one of my favorite days during this camp. They get so into the competition and it is just a great opportunity to just hang out with them.

Kazik has shared that he doesn’t think any of our Jewish friends came to this camp believing in Jesus, but there are some questions being asked that indicate they may leave different than they came. If not believers, at least with seeds planted and hearts a little more open to the possibility. Keep praying to that end!

Here is a collection of pictures to illustrate the events of these days.

Let the journey begin!

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One more day!

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Almost There!

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Thank you to all who came out and supported us with purchases and donations during our three day fundraiser. Total sales and donations equaled $1097!  Another $525 is needed to fully fund this trip. Any additional money raised, will provide scholarships for Ukrainian children to come to camp. Please see our Financial Support page if God is leading you to give!

12 Days of Giving… Days 9-12

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Yeah… I don’t know what I was thinking about doing these daily posts.  I should have known I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it every day!  So I’ll just finish out my announcing that today (December 15) is the VERY LAST day to order before Christmas.  Giving a Journey Back Mission Store gift means you’re giving many times over.  You #givebig when you #shopsmall!

O Canada!