Beginning Part 2

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I feel as if this afternoon has been the official start to the second part of this Journey Back to Poland (although the actual mid-way point was a few days ago).  This afternoon Dave Hatfield arrived, bringing with him three Americans and another interpreter from Ukraine.  When our friend Mala arrives Tuesday, this will complete our team for the Russian Children’s Camp, which starts Wednesday.  We had a meeting this evening to get to know each other a bit and begin this next phase in prayer. Tomorrow we’ll get down to the business of organizing, orienting, and preparing.   With several additions to the group and a shift of focus, it absolutely feels as if we are moving into part 2, which promises to be another great adventure serving our amazing God.

Photo Jun 16, 10 39 57Backing up to this morning, we attended the local Christian Church.  It was great to see Iwona again and get a chance to introduce her to Anna and Ethan.  Andrzej and I were privileged to have been asked to join Tanya in her special music, and I knew every song that was part of worship today –  so I was able to sing along in English.  As I looked around the sanctuary of this small congregation, I realized that I have been able to make connections with so many of them.  It may sound crazy, but it’s starting to feel like a congregation I belong to, despite the fact that it’s only the 3rd time I’ve been in the building.  I felt at home there, not  a stranger.

Photo Jun 16, 13 05 15

After church, we spent some time with the Korytkowski family in town, walking along the big lake, eating ice cream and visiting the castle.


Backing up even farther, and a complete subject change…. I wanted to share this video our friend (and very great supporter) Autumn shared.  It is from the final connection Anna made with the VBS kids at RCC.  It’s just great to see this side of it, with her, Lidia and Klara’s beautiful faces talking with all those kids from across an Ocean!  Thanks so much for the video, Autumn!


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