An emotional & fun day

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Today we went to the Studof concentration camp. Lidia and I went for  the first time. It was sad and emotional for lots of people. Today was also Grace’s 10th birthday (for those of you who know). The fun part was that afterwords we went to the Baltic Sea and I FINALLY got to put my feet in! The legs of my pants were wet the the rest of the way back, but it was worth it! Sorry I haven’t posted very much, but it’s ben kind of busy.

One thought on “An emotional & fun day

    Karen Flock Hughett said:
    June 9, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Anna, I’m glad that you went to the concentration camp. You will probably study the Holocaust next year in 6th grade. Your experience there will be very valuable to the other students. I’m sure it was not easy, but you are just one more that will keep this important part of history, told. You are so blessed to be experiencing all of this. You and your family are in my prayers as you continue your journey. Love, Mrs. Hughett


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