Last Night in Poland… For Now

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IMG3913After enjoying a day and and a half taking in the history and culture of Warsaw, we fly out tomorrow morning.  Although we are ready for some of the comforts of home, we wish we could have stayed longer to continue work on the multitude of projects still in need of completion at Ostróda Camp.  But, we were able to be part of the construction of new beds and a new dock, a carpet ball table, and updated prayer room and stepping stones that will be the start of a prayer walk (which will be one of our projects next year).  We were also able to be part of two very different camps, and form relationships with amazing people spanning four generations and five countries.

We aregrateful for the opportunity to serve in this ministry, and are very much aware of how blessed we are.  We left work clothes, dear friends, and a little piece of our hearts in Ostróda, so we are already praying that God will keep the door open to journey back next year.

Prayers for safe and uneventful travel tomorrow are much appreciated!  I’ll post more pictures when we’re home.  The hotel WiFi is being less than cooperative!


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Van.  Plane. Walk. Escalator. Train. Bus. Plane. Train. Bus. Van. 

Cześć, Ostróda!