So Loved

So Loved – 2018 Mission Necklace

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You are so loved.  Do you know that? 

You may not always think of yourself as God does.  God thinks you’re worth dying for, worth giving His only son for.   Sin separated you from Him, but there was nothing He wouldn’t give to get you back.  When you think you’re not worthy, when you fail, when you feel alone… you are still, above all, so loved.

If this concept of God’s love is something you’d like to know more about, we would sure love to talk to you.  Contact us.

If you’ve already realized His love for you and committed to following Him, I encourage you to use this necklace to share the reason for the hope that you have with someone who needs it.  When you wear it as a statement of your faith, it may just open the door for a conversation that could change a life.   If you get that opportunity, go ahead and give your necklace away. Share your story with me and I’ll gladly replace it!

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  • All jewelry comes gift-ready and can be shipped directly to a recipient with a special message upon request.
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