Goodbye, Poland :(

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I have another 30 minutes before my alarm, and I should be getting as much sleep as possible before the long trek home.  But I woke up and I can’t go back to sleep.  I’m just sitting here thinking about how much we’ll miss this place and the work we’ve been doing here.

IMG_3211Yesterday, we were able to spend some time sight-seeing Warsaw.  We went to the Palace of Culture, the new History of the Jews museum (which isn’t fully open, but was still nice), Old Town, and Chopin Park.  It was a beautiful day for walking around some of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Our flight to Chicago leaves in about 4 hours, after which the dear Pat and Janet Fahey will drive us back home to sleep for a couple of days.  Then it’s back to “normal” life.  I hate to say I’m dreading that, because my “normal life” is a good life.  But I will miss this.


Please pray with me for God’s blessings on those we’ve had the joy of being with this last month …

  • The Korytkowski Family (who currently has no water in their home – a problem that seems to be creating other problems as they try to fix it!)
  • The Christian church in Ostróda, Poland
  • Polish Christian Ministries & Dave Hatfield
  • Impact Europe Ministries
  • The Holocaust Survivors in Israel
  • The children from Kaliningrad
  • The moms and dads of Ostróda that have lost a child