Day Two

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IMG_1788As always, there is a lot I could write about today.  The headlines would be:

  • Obama Follows Porters to Poland  – Celebrates 25 Years of Freedom From Communism
  • Ethan Porter Eats Chicken Not Made by Tyson
  • Sorted Pictures Revert to Randomness at Slideshow Onset
  • Rockville Man Saves Elderly From Certain Demise Brick by Brick
  • God Lifts 71 Years of Burden As Jewish Man Accepts Christ and Becomes “Real Jew”

I promise to expand on that last one at another time (you can fill in your own details on the others).  For now, here are a few pictures that may or may not stay in the order I placed them.

Saying Goodbye

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2013-06-27 22.01.00

It was pretty hard to keep to just teary eyes, and not a flood of tears, as we said goodbye to many people we have come to love today.  The Russian kids – knowing that we may not see them again, and wondering what God is going to do in their lives.  Tara and Jenny, who we only were just beginning to get to know, but love so much already.  Sasha, Oksana and the Korytkowski family…. I can only hold them tight and pray that God will allow us to serve together again next year – anything else is unbearable.  It will be another couple of days before we have to say goodbye to Pasha, Tanya, Debbie and Dave.  (Thankfully, we don’t have to say goodbye to Mala!)

We’re on our way back to Warsaw.  I’m riding the famous PolskiBus, which actually has free WiFi!   We will spend a day in the city before our flight home on Sunday.  Say a little prayer for our kids.  Ethan was just staring out the bus window, which isn’t like him.  I asked him if he was ok, and he said that he is sad.  He’s “just going to miss Poland so much.”  Then a few minutes later he realized that he does miss watching TV!

2013-06-27 21.37.54We thank you all for your prayers and ask that you keep right on praying as we head home.  Pray for the sadness in our hearts, pray for save travels, pray for the seeds that were planted to grow like crazy, and pray for our future service in Poland.  It boggles my mind that God would choose to involve us in this work as He has.  But just as it felt “unfinished” last year, we feel a very strong message in our hearts that this “missionary” thing is an ongoing part of our lives as servants of Christ.