Olympic Games

Young At Heart

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Yesterday was our big Olympic Games with the Survivors.  They are SOOO cute kicking soccer balls and tossing eggs.  They smile and laugh, but when it comes to the score things get very serious!  I was in charge of music, so we began with the Olympic theme, complete with torch-bearing and a parade of teams.  We later found out one of them actually carried the real Olympic torch in the 1980 games!  The events were accompanied by the Rocky, Eye of the Tiger and other sports themes.  Fun times.




Today is cool and rainy, so we did crafts this morning.  The Savannah team put together some great activities and they seemed to really enjoy them.  Some of them are real artists, producing masterpieces worthy of a much better canvas than the paper plates we gave them!

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All of this is just good time to connect and get to know each other.  We pray that through these interactions, these people who have known so much hate will feel nothing but joy and love.