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It Feels Like Poland

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We walk outside on a crisp, cool morning to begin our day.  Ethan has a little smile on his face, lets out a sigh of contentment, and says “It feels like Poland.  How much longer?”  My heart is full.  I’m sure that part of it is the friendships he’s made with our missionary partners, and the fact that school is out at that point doesn’t hurt, but knowing that our 9-year-old can’t wait to get back to the mission field makes me happy.  I pray our children will gain a heart for the lost and for serving from the year they are spending going to Poland.

These last few weeks will go quickly, and our fund-raising is down to the final $1500 needed by May 1 (thanks to a gift from another very generous supporter).  If you’re local, we invite you to come hear what God is doing and how we are participating at a Mission Lunch tomorrow at Rockville Christian Church.  If you’ve ever thought about going with us, it isn’t too late to make that happen this summer – we could really use someone with lots of energy who could help with recreation activities for the Ukrainian Children’s Camp.  But if going isn’t a possibility for you, sending is another way to fulfill the Great Commission.  Whether you do that with your prayers, encouragement, donating materials or helping us meet our financial needs to go, we pray God’s blessings will fall on you abundantly.  Follow a link below for more information.

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