Greetings From Kołobrzeg

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We were grateful for a chance to share with our home congregation this morning.  We talked briefly about little roles we have played in God’s big plan but were especially excited to share greetings from Piotr & Nellie Karel.  Piotr is the pastor at the church in Kołobrzeg, Poland, and Rockville Christian Church has supported his ministry for several decades.  We shared about the tradition in the Polish churches to bring greetings from one congregation to another, just as Paul does in his letters, and then read Piotr’s greetings from Poland.   Here is Piotr’s letter to RCC and the slides that accompanied our talk in case you missed it.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’ve got still in my mind those nice moments with quests from the USA including visitors from Rockville. We are thankful to God for Rachel, Ben and their children and for the opportunity to spend a nice, fruitful time with them. Yesterday I got the message that Ben is going to have an operation. We will be praying for God’s providence for him.

This summertime elapsed very quickly. It was a busy time and there were a lot of good things going on in our church. We had, for instance, many holiday visitors as well we welcomed a youth group from Polkowice. It is a new church that recently has joined Christian Church
Furthermore, I led two wedding ceremonies this summer, either outside the church.
Besides that, we were happy to welcome my brother, Bogumił Karel , who lives in Australia.

Unfortunately, me and my wife couldn’t go on holiday. We were to busy with repairing our leaking balcony in our home. Some things must be simply done.

Every Sunday afternoon I go to the church in Koszalin. Currently, we are in the middle of searching for the new employee there.

In Poland schools start in September. We also began Sunday church school for kids and youth, not to mention about our home groups, which will start really soon I’ve just finished working on materials and references for leaders of those groups. In a week we are organizing a great event, service, on the occasion of 500 anniversary of Reformation Day in the local community center. That Sunday I am going to lead protestant interdenominational service.

I would also like to take the opportunity and express my deep word of thanks to the church in Rockville for many years of prayers and financial support. Brothers and Sisters we still need it. May God bless you big hearts and make it up to you.

All the best to all of you!
Nelli & Piotr

Beata & Kołobrzeg

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I must begin this post with some sad news because my heart is heavy today. We learned this morning that Beata Kołak lost her battle with cancer and went to be with Jesus.  Beata was about my age, and although I didn’t know her very well I just thought she was an amazing lady.   I first met her in 2013 when she was one of the primary organizers of my talk in the city of Ostróda on infant loss.  Two years ago she and her husband Zbigniew were the deans of the Ukrainian Children’s Camp.  They came each evening and helped with the final session of the day as well as our big “Olympic” event.  She was just overflowing with a joyful spirit that I admired, and it breaks my heart to hear of her passing.  The funeral is Thursday.  We just changed our train tickets to go to Ostróda a day early to be able to attend.   Will you please pray for her family?  She leaves behind a husband and son, who I think is in his early twenties.  

The second stop on our church tour is the one I have been particularly looking forward to visiting – Kołobrzeg.  Ben has been here twice and Rockville Christian has had a long relationship with this church, supporting them in prayer and financially.  I’ve been told that Pastor Piotr Karel used to write letters to RCC which were read before the congregation, a tradition I encouraged him to bring back!  Piotr sat down next to me the first night we were here and said, “Rac-hel-a,  (the Polish pronunciation of my name – I love it), tell me how Rockville Christian Church is doing.”  So I filled him in on some recent changes and asked him to be praying for us in our transitions.  Yesterday, we were privileged to worship with the congregation.  Ben stood at the start of the service and gave greetings on behalf of the brothers and sisters at Rockville Christian.  There were several baptisms and the church is facing the good problem of finding themselves in need of more space.  There was standing room only this week and they had to set up an overflow room with the service broadcasted to a large TV.    We are actually living at the church for several days, as they have quite a few rooms with beds and baths for housing guests.

Ben and the other PCM board members met with the leaders at Kołobrzeg, and then did the same yesterday evening at church #3 – the Christian Church in Koszalin (a different church than the Messianic Jewish congregation mentioned before).  This morning, Piotr Karel took us on a tour of his city, then the kids and I got to spend a little time on the Baltic Sea with the Korytkowski family while the men visited church #4 in Białogard.