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Making Beds

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Ahhh… the satisfying feeling of sore muscles and tired feet! ¬†ūüôā ¬†The Savannah team that is with us this week has been charged with making new beds for the rooms in the main building. ¬†They have developed and are carrying out an organized plan to make thirty-something new beds in the 9 days they are here. ¬†We have jumped in to help as much as we can. ¬†Yesterday, today and tomorrow will largely be spent on this project through the daytime hours, but we will join the Holocaust Survivors during their meals and evening session.

I do have an important prayer request.  The Ukrainian children and counselors who will be joining us for the next camp are currently in the process of getting their visas and paperwork in order to be able to travel here.  There are so many refugees coming into Poland from Ukraine right now that the process is even more cumbersome than usual.  We heard today that two of them were already denied visas to come.  44 more of them will be trying to get permission to enter the country today.  Please pray that God will take down any barriers that would prevent someone who needs to be here from coming.  He knows their hearts, minds and circumstances and we are confident that the red tape is no obstacle to an almighty God!

I finally got our photo gallery up and running to show you all that we’ve been doing. ¬†You won’t see many pictures of the dear people we are here to love and serve, though. ¬†We have been asked not to post pictures of the Holocaust Survivors to social media. ¬†If you want to see them, you’ll have to join us for an in-person presentation at some point!



A Passing Glance At Today

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IMG_1788As always, there is a lot I could write about today.  The headlines would be:

  • Obama Follows Porters¬†to Poland ¬†–¬†Celebrates 25 Years of Freedom From Communism
  • Ethan Porter Eats Chicken Not Made by Tyson
  • Sorted Pictures Revert to Randomness at Slideshow Onset
  • Rockville Man Saves Elderly From Certain Demise Brick by Brick
  • God Lifts 71 Years of Burden As Jewish Man Accepts Christ and Becomes “Real Jew”

I promise to expand on that last one at another time (you can fill in your own details on the others).  For now, here are a few pictures that may or may not stay in the order I placed them.