Christmas Gift Sale – November 13

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Come do your Christmas shopping with us! On November 13 our Mission Store items will be on display at the Tri Kappa Arts & Crafts Bazaar at South Vermillion High School. Come look through items in person and pick out perfect gifts for people you love – gifts that give more! All proceeds help us get back to the mission field this summer so we can serve and love as many people as we can.  The fun begins at 11:00 AM and continues through 4:00 PM.  Don’t miss it!

Mark your interest in the Facebook Event Posting to see updates of items available!

19 Days!

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I love this part.  The part where we’re all done raising funds and can focus on preparing for what those funds allow, as we start getting information about the plans at Ostróda Camp.  Although schedule shifting is causing us to miss our beloved Holocaust Survivor camp, it does look like our arrival will overlap with them just long enough for us to say hello and hug those returning participants we’ve gotten to know over the years.  I’m hoping to have time to make some gifts for them, as is our tradition.  We will get to be there for “Forever Young”, a group of older Jewish people from Warsaw.  This was the group Ben worked with on his very first trip to Poland.  There may be some Survivors in this group as well.  We’ll play a supporting role to the team leading the Ukrainian Children’s camp, while taking care of anything and everything that needs done around the grounds (which is always a lot)!  For those of you who haven’t heard, our funds total came in enough over our need that we are able to pay for 5 kids to come to this camp!  Then we will take the lead roles – teaching, crafts, etc – for the Polish Children’s Camp.  The theme for this camp is Creation, and I get to play a “mad scientist” who tries in vain to out-do God.  I’m very excited!  My lab coat is already packed!  I just have to figure out what cool demonstrations I can do with materials I can either get there or bring without sending up red flags to airport security!  That’s a bit limiting, but I’m determined.

take-your-child-to-work-day-activity-how-to-make-a-craft-stick-picture-frame-640-01So… 19 days to plan cool science demonstrations, lessons and crafts and collect all those supplies.  Then there is also all of the end-of-school stuff, baseball season and trying to take care of things around home before we’re gone for a month.  Honestly, we’re a little overwhelmed.  But God will get us through all of that and before we know it, we’ll be on a plane ready to serve.  Nothing makes us happier.

We always have people who want to know if there are supplies they can help donate.  If you’re interested in helping, here is our current list:

  • glass paint markers (white)
  • balloons
  • old newspapers
  • dowel rods or paint stir sticks
  • toilet paper & paper towel tubes
  • grass seed
  • king-sized black sheets (2)
  • glow in the dark fabric paint
  • feathers
  • googly eyes
  • sequins
  • colored tissue paper
  • craft paints
  • twine
  • punch balloons
  • white chalk sewing pencils