Last Day with Children

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11329898_10153355749595731_8593059898027588011_nAs you are waking up this morning, the children will be on their way back to Ukraine.  We just said goodbye with our traditional chasing of the bus.  I don’t ordinary cry easily, but I’ve teared up at some point every single day of this camp.  Goodbyes are going rough, knowing what they are going back to.   In our morning devotion, I asked their counselors how we could be praying for them as well.  Sasha, the physiologist who came with them and worked with the children all week, is also a chaplain.  She will be on the war front and working with soldiers.  She asked for prayers of protection, ministry and the resources they need.  There were many requests for prayers for peace and for all of the children. The Korytkowski Telegram for this month includes a great list of names and situations you can be praying over with us, so I’ll share it with you.

Korytkowski Telegram 

From War Zone to Ostróda Christian  Camp
From Ukraine to Poland

While I am writing this email we are in the very last days of the camp for Ukrainian children.

About 10 of them lost  one parent in the war that is still going on in Eastern part of Ukraine. About 15 of them lost their homes and together with parents and in some cases with one parent live in churches, camp facilities and other places that became for them temporary shelter.
The entire group of Ukrainian children counts 47 and among all of these kids there is a lot of pain, questions about future and uncertainity.
But there are also many prayer requests and here there are some of them:
– For better grades and war at Ukraine to be over (Daryna)
– I want the war at Ukraine to be over (Nastya)
– For my mom (dad died in the war) (Diana)
– I am worring about my mom (dad died in April while fillling documents to go Ostroda Camp) (Anna)
– For the war to be over (Irina)
– Please pray for my husband he is in war now (Inna)
– For me to rest well (father died at war( (Artem)
– I pray that the war at Ukraine is over and every one is healthy and “in one peice” (mom died when the bomb fell on their property) (Laura)
– For peace at Ukraine (Eagor)
– that we will not have a war at Ukriane (Olga)
– I want the war to be over and I want to come back home to m firends (Zhenyn)
– Pray for my parents (separtaed due to the war) (Vova)
– I want you to pray for my city Mariupol (Mariia)
– I ask you to pray for all people and for the end of the war at Ukraine.
Above only a few prayer requests that were verbalized by Ukrainian children and written down by counselors.  I would like to ask you to pray for our entire team as we are ministering to these children at Ostroda Christian Camp.
He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3
Greetings and blessings
Andrzej & April Korytkowski

Ukrainian kids during a chapel meeting

All together in the front of the chapel

Ukrainian kids during olimpic day

Making Beds

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Ahhh… the satisfying feeling of sore muscles and tired feet!  🙂  The Savannah team that is with us this week has been charged with making new beds for the rooms in the main building.  They have developed and are carrying out an organized plan to make thirty-something new beds in the 9 days they are here.  We have jumped in to help as much as we can.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow will largely be spent on this project through the daytime hours, but we will join the Holocaust Survivors during their meals and evening session.

I do have an important prayer request.  The Ukrainian children and counselors who will be joining us for the next camp are currently in the process of getting their visas and paperwork in order to be able to travel here.  There are so many refugees coming into Poland from Ukraine right now that the process is even more cumbersome than usual.  We heard today that two of them were already denied visas to come.  44 more of them will be trying to get permission to enter the country today.  Please pray that God will take down any barriers that would prevent someone who needs to be here from coming.  He knows their hearts, minds and circumstances and we are confident that the red tape is no obstacle to an almighty God!

I finally got our photo gallery up and running to show you all that we’ve been doing.  You won’t see many pictures of the dear people we are here to love and serve, though.  We have been asked not to post pictures of the Holocaust Survivors to social media.  If you want to see them, you’ll have to join us for an in-person presentation at some point!