A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

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IMG_3845I know I say this in pretty much every post, but I’m beyond exhausted.  Today included most of the usual activities (crafts being tie-dyed T’s), but also included a climb to the top of church bell tower and the Aqua Park in town.  So, I must sleep.  But I’ll let pictures speak for me and inspire your prayers for these beautiful children.  The photography is almost exclusively courtesy of Paul Jones and family.


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I am very sorry that I have not written much.  So, so busy.  Today is the last day of Russian Children’s Camp.  This morning, the kids will have an opportunity to make decisions to follow Christ for the first time, or express the ways they want to take their faith deeper.  I ask that you will pray for these kids as they reflect over what they’ve learned this week.  There was also an activity last night, that was spontaneously carried out, but it had some negative responses and has caused some tension and relationship damage.  Clearly an attack by Satan to sabotage what God is doing.

So I ask that as you watch this slideshow, and see these precious faces, you will pray for each and every one of these kids. Pray also for them as they return home, that Satan won’t steal what they have gained.

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