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yes…. that’s my goofy husband using a fur coat, Santa Clause doll and Flinn Rider figure to teach about Jacob and Esau. I love my crazy guy.

This morning, Ben taught about blessings through the story of Isaac’s blessing of Jacob.  His silly side came out, and there was much laughter.  The kids learned about some important people in the Bible, but they also learned that we can pray for God’s blessings on our own lives, for our country, for our family and for others.  We ended the time in three groups, each with a different prayer focus.

English class was interesting today.  I had a plan in place.  But moments before class, as I was praying for God’s blessing on  it, I had another idea.  We used the Dragon Dictation app on my iPad to see how clearly the students were saying their English words.  I showed them how you can speak and it will type what you say, but only if you say it clearly and correctly.  It was pretty fun and I think a good learning tool.  “I have a big dog and small cat” came out “I have a big job and smoke cat.”  We worked on the words “dog” and “small” and then she got it!   Tomorrow we’ll do it with the day’s Scripture memory verse.  Thank you for all who are praying for God to give me ideas!  He’s answering those prayers!

We’re starting to get to talk to the kids more and communicate in wordless ways.  There is a boy who has become Ben’s campfire lighting buddy, and there is a girl named Anna who has befriended Ethan.  There is an older girl in my class that speaks pretty good English.  I’m watching for a good opportunity to talk to here sometime.  As I have listened to the team members giving taking turns giving their testimonies at campfire, I just keep thinking about how many of them began their walk with God – or took it to a much deeper level – at camp.  Ben pointed it out when he gave his testimony tonight too.  This could be that week for some of these kids – the time in their lives they will tell people years from now was a true spiritual marker for them.  Pray with me that this is true for many of the kids who are with us here in Ostróda.