Amazing Day

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10155356_10152339795256672_2073704681_nWhat an amazing and emotional day!  There are a handful of days that are listed among the most amazing in my life.

  • The day I gave my life to God
  • The day I watched my future husband give his life to God
  • The day I married him
  • The day our first daughter was born
  • The day we our second daughter was born and we placed her in the arms of Jesus
  • The day our son was born
  • and today

– the day our firstborn stood in front of our church to proclaimed her faith, and I watched her Daddy baptize her. She came down stairs earlier in the week an announced that she was ready.  We talked and prayed, and my heart couldn’t be more full.  Tears of joy.  Lots of them.  I’ve been praying for this since she was born, and I’ll never stop praying that she will remain faithful to the decision she made this week.

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And God’s blessings on this day didn’t end there.

fundraiserdinnerAfter church we hosted a fundraiser dinner for our trip to Poland.  I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to the dozens of people that contributed food, helped set up and clean up, but also to the 80+ people who attended and gave so generously.  We shared some slides of trips to Poland and talked about the work God is doing that we are so blessed to be part of.  In the end we raised $2806!  Just $194 short of the amount we still needed for our airfare, and that gap should be filled when I collect money from bracelet orders this week!  What a huge blessing that we can purchase our plan tickets!  I just confirmed that the price hasn’t started going up yet.  Poland… here we come!

We still have $2500 needed for ground transportation, lodging and ministry expenses.  Rumor has it that a couple of RCC Sunday School classes decided to support us this morning, which should help move us toward that goal.  We’ll need to cover this amount by early May, so your financial support is still needed and appreciated. We’ll make big announcements when we reach the final goal, but you can also follow our progress on our FINANCIAL SUPPORT page.

We can’t begin to express our gratitude.  If you had any part in this … from prayer, to helping out, purchasing a bracelet or a donation of any amount – we thank you.  You are growing the Kingdom of God.

Welcome to The Body of Believers

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My apologies for not posting yesterday.  It amazes me how many are actually reading these and are disappointed when I miss a day.  Thank you.  It’s encouraging.

I didn’t get to participate much in yesterday’s church service.  The local congregation came to Ostroda Camp and joined the 60-something guests that were already here for a service in the chapel.  This put the little building at more than capacity, so the moms and kids were outside the chapel in the yard.  So I couldn’t hear or see much (not that I would have understood it anyway!)  I did get to sing along with a couple of hymns I recognized, adding my English words to the beautiful Polish.  I love that.

2013-06-02 11.09.51After the main service, the crowd moved to the lake where we witnessed and celebrated 8 baptisms.  I saw one of the ladies before the service and knew she was one who would be baptized that day by the long white gown she was wearing.  Another good sign was her abounding joy!  She could hardly contain herself and was going arounds saying good morning to everyone, including me, with hugs and smiles.  After the baptisms, we had a cookout complete with kielbasa (yum) and some great desserts (yum, yum).  I tried, but didn’t do so well with the spicy cabbage stuff.

The “Holiday With The Bible” guests left yesterday.  This was a group of retirees from Poland, sponsored by Impact Europe.  We didn’t get to be involved with this group since we arrived after their camp was underway and Ben was gone the rest of it, but this is the group that Ben participated in on his first trip to Poland in 2009.  We now have a couple of days to prepare the camp for the Holocaust survivors who will arrive Tuesday evening.  So today is laundry, cleaning, grounds keeping and bed-making!