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When Ben traveled to this camp in Poland a few years ago for short-term mission work, our daughter Anna was five years old. We talked to her about why Daddy was going to be gone for so long. Later, when someone was talking to her about missing her Dad, Anna told them “My Daddy’s in Poland telling people God loves them. People need to know that.” Wow. This brought instant tears to my eyes because it meant that even in his absence, Ben was ministering to his own daughter in a powerful way. He was setting an example for her to share Christ to the world, and she was understanding that.

We hope to continue teaching our children about the importance of ministry, missions and telling people about Christ through this journey back to Poland. Being away from our kids for more than two weeks will be hard, but in the end we hope that it will leave on them a more lasting impression. Perhaps, when they are older, short-term missions can be something we do as a whole family.


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When Ben and I first talked about returning to Poland, this time together, it seemed a little crazy.  I mean both of us going means raising twice the financial support and figuring out who is going to care for our two small children for over two full weeks.  Seems tricky at best.  But before I’ve even been able to finish this site and start sending it out to start raising support, God has started to answer those concerns.  We think we already have a tentative plan for childcare that will allow them to spend some quality time with grandparents and come home with great memories.  Today we learned that a couple in our church has received some unexpected money and wants to support us financially.  The amount they are contributing, when combined with what we have been able to save ourselves, will put us already half way to our goal.

Just another reminder that what seems like a mountain to us, is nothing for our God.