Missionary Boot Camp

Army-boots-001So… how to you prepare children as young as ours to spend four weeks on the mission field?  This thought crossed my mind one day as I was listening to my children whining about the Saturday tasks I had given them of putting away their laundry and taking their toys back upstairs. If they are going to complain about normal everyday tasks around the house, how will they serve with a cheerful heart in a foreign country for an entire month?   The idea that came to my mind (which I don’t think was really my own) is to set aside a little time each week leading up to the trip to talk about something related to knowing God, serving Him and sharing His love with others.  I’m not sure how long the Army’s boot camp is, but we’re going to go for seven weeks… it’s a nice Biblical number!  I’ll post each week’s focus and any stories I have to share on this blog, so you can follow along with our family training to put on the full Armor of God.

Week 1: Pray

Week 2: Read

Week 3: Serve

Week 4: Shine

Week 5: Fight

Week 6:  Give

Week 7: Love

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