$1600 Still Needed

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Higher than usual ticket prices and less than usual time available for carrying out fundraisers have left us short of our need as we rapidly approach our deadline. We have managed to tuck away more of our own funds than in years past, but we still need your help to make this mission happen. Will you prayerfully consider a financial contribution? If you can’t go, will you send? God will use whatever you can give. No gift is too small. If 160 people gave just $10, we would be there. If just 80 people could give $20, we would be there. If you could give $100, we’d only need 16 more people like you!

We will have a table at today’s Mission Lunch at Rockville Christian Church. Come see us if you’d like to know more about what God does through this ministry, give a donation, or purchase from our mission store. You can also head over to our financial support page for more ways to give.

May God bless you for blessing others!

God of Hope T-Shirts

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We’re down to our final six weeks to raise funds for this year’s mission. At the time of this post, we have a long way to go. Click here to see a live chart of our fundraising needs. God always provides, so we’re not worried, but we do want to keep working toward the goal. So we’ve designed a simple t-shirt to match our simple but profound message of this year’s theme – God of Hope, based on Romans 15:13.

The t-shirt is available in two styles and each style has four color choices. Shirts are $20.00 each and can be shipped directly to you. About 20% will come back to us for our mission fund. Use the links below to order today!

Not interested in a shirt, but want to support us financially? Click here to donate directly and 100% will go to our fund!

Thank you for your support!

Click Here to Order Women’s Cut Tee

Click Here to Order the Standard Tee