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Polska Pack Subscription Box

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If you don’t know, subscription boxes are a thing right now.  You can sign up to get fan gear for your favorite team, makeup, clothes, books, mysteries to solve… just about anything, really, sent in a package to your house once a month.  I’ve considered signing up for one because I think I’d enjoy looking forward to a box of surprises arriving in my mail!  So, I’m excited to announce a new, fun way to support our mission!

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🇵🇱 Polska Pack!

(“Polska” is Polish for “Poland”, in case you’re wondering.)

Boxes will be curated and sent out on the first of each month.

Each box will be a different collection of:

  • A hand-made piece of jewelry – keep it for yourself or have a great gift at the ready. Spoiler alert… the first box will include this year’s Mission Necklace “God of Hope” 
  • A surprise item from or about Poland, Israel or Ukraine (the groups of people we minister to)
  • A prayer card for the month listing the ways you can best be praying for this ministry.  Put it where you will be reminded!
  • A note from me explaining the significance of the items in the box
  • A special discount in our Mission Store – the greater your subscription, the steeper the discount!
  • Other goodies, puzzles and fun stuff (I can’t reveal too much about your surprises! )

I will also bring a very special gift back from Poland for our full 6-month subscribers!

Boxes start at $30 with discounts for longer subscriptions.  You can choose from several subscription levels to control how many boxes you’ll receive. You can also pay monthly. 

The time it will take to receive your first box will depend on the point in the month you place your order. All boxes will be sent out on the first mail day of the month.

Click one of the buttons below to subscribe and start watching for a red box in the mail!


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Today was our trip to Stutthof Concentration Camp with the Holocaust Survivors. As you might imagine, it is always a somber time as we walk through the camp. But there is a Star of David monument next to the gas chamber where the atmosphere always takes a little turn. Many pick up rocks to place at the base in remembrance. This year someone had added a sign that read “Next Generation Israel”.  Then we join hands in a circle around the monument for prayer and a few songs – a declaration that the Jewish nation that still lives!   I was honored to stand between two of them, one a big man with a soft heart who was a little emotional as the singing began.  I felt him squeeze my hand tight and he gave me a little half-smile and a kiss on the hand as the circle broke.  Although we can’t communicate in words, I pray that the love of God is just pouring out of us into them.