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The Journey Back

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isbl_3360x840.19637322_t5hiuduzSo… we had thought we might take a break from going to Poland.  Our involvement began in 2009 with Ben’s first trip, and we’ve been spending half of our summers there as a whole family since 2013.  Anna only has three more summers before she’s moving into a dorm room and our little birds start leaving the nest.  😢  We’ve not had real family vacations in all of this time because all of our time and money go to this.  It seemed to make sense to take a break.  (If you sense a “but” coming, you’re right… keep reading.)

But, God.  As we’ve prayed over this decision, we have felt God saying otherwise.  There have just been some signs and an inner nudge that tells us God isn’t quite done letting us be part of this and we need to journey back in 2020.  Ben has been asked to come to Ukraine prior to the children’s and teen camps, and Anna felt a whole new level of involvement this past year and doesn’t want to give it up yet.  Ben and I have also served in some new behind-the-scenes roles that we think might still be needed.

So we will obey.  Let the fundraising begin!  If we’re reading this wrong and something redirects us along the way, at least we’ll be able to provide scholarships for lots of kids to experience a life-changing week of camp!  Stay tuned for many fundraising posts to come or jump on over to our financial support page now!  Straight donations are the biggest blessings!

Fully Funded!

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Thank you for the huge response to our post a few days ago announcing that we still needed $1600. When all reported contributions have made their way to us, we will be fully funded! God is so good… and all of you are pretty amazing too!

Still want to be part of the incredible things God is going to do? We will continue to accept funds all the way until the day we leave because we can bring another Ukrainian child to camp for every additional $150 raised. Visit our financial support page for info on ways to contribute.