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We’re Fully Funded!

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Who wants the blessing of being the Sender that takes the grey out of the graph?! We need just $263 to be fully funded.  Then we can focus on scholarships for Ukrainian Children and plan the lessons and activities that will show them the love and hope that can only be found in Christ.  If God is leading, we’d be so grateful to have your financial support.


Mission Open House

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Come help us finish fundraising!  We will hold an Open House event March 29-31 at Rockville Christian Church’s youth building.  Shop our Mission Store of handmade jewelry and home decor, participate in a wrap bracelet make-n-take workshop, buy baked goods and get some great thrift shop finds to support this ministry.  We’ll also have information about what we do with all this time we spend in Poland and, of course, a jar for straight up donations.

We welcome contributions of homemade goodies for the bake sale and can definitely use some help setting up Thursday morning and cleaning up Saturday after we close up.

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We hope to see you there!

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We are grateful for all of our many supporters – those who continuously pray for us, those who take the time to encourage us, those who donate supplies for camp activities, those who do their gift shopping through our mission store, those who help us with fundraisers, those who drive us to and from the airport, those who take care of our cat and mow our yard, those who make sure we come home to food in our fridge, those who come to serve along side of us, those who give financial gifts outright.  We are blessed by your efforts to help us do what God has led us to do, and we pray God will bless you in return.

Sometimes, the task of saving and raising $9000 every year can be pretty consuming.  I can truthfully say I don’t spend any time worrying that the funds will be there.  God always provides, and if there would come a year in which He didn’t, we know that would mean He has a different plan.  But we know we can’t just sit back and tap our foot waiting for people to give.   In fact, there is ministry to be done in the very act of fundraising.  So we spend the 11 months of the year we are here in the US working toward that end.   Sometimes, it wears me down.  Last Sunday, I’m ashamed to admit, a couple of dear friends had the misfortune of seeing me in the midst of a little frustration moment as I’ve been planning fundraisers to carry out over spring break.

Today we received word that a check arrived in support of our ministry – a rather large check from someone Ben knew well back in high school and I have only met once.  Two other families have given generous financial gifts to send us to this mission field.  Combined, these gifts total $2350. I’d have to make 195 wrap bracelets, about 83 hours, to raise those same dollars through mission store sales!  I don’t want to diminish gratitude towards those who have bought from our mission store.  Those sales have raised $2638 this year!  But I am feeling an overwhelming sense of thankfulness towards these families who have just purely followed God’s leading them to give abundantly.

We still have a ways to go to meet our basic need for this mission ($1385 at the time of this writing).  But there is a light at the end.  I hope that our spring break fundraiser (watch for announcements!) will close that gap, provide additional funds we can use to give Ukrainian refugee children scholarships for camp, and allow me to shift gears from fundraising to really preparing for the work God has called us to do. Is God leading you to be a Sender?  I promise you will be blessed for your obedience and role in spreading the gospel.  Financial Support Page

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Whoo hoo! Thanks to Shannon’s greeting card fundraiser and some help from RCC Sunday School classes, the gap is closed and we are fully funded! Thank you immensely to all who have helped make that happen with financial support or by praying for God to provide. He certainly did, just as He always does when He wants us to GO.

But we won’t stop accepting support.  If any funds continue to trickle in, or if you feel so lead to give, we can bring another Ukrainian child to camp for each additional $125 we scrape together. That’s a pretty small price for the life-changing impact of 8 days swimming in God’s Word, Love and Ostróda Camp Lake!  Seriously, look at these faces…

(thank you!)


Thank You, RCC!

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We want to thank our church family for coming to the Mission Lunch last Sunday to support missions in general and hear us talk about what God’s is doing in Poland.  Your generous giving was divided between the missions fund, Polish Christian Ministries, and our 2017 trip, bringing us $240 closer to fulfilling all of our expense needs.  Thank you!

We are launching new fundraiser today to continue to close the gap.  If you buy greeting cards, you’ll want to get in on this great deal that supports a great cause.
Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

Thank you!

It Feels Like Poland

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We walk outside on a crisp, cool morning to begin our day.  Ethan has a little smile on his face, lets out a sigh of contentment, and says “It feels like Poland.  How much longer?”  My heart is full.  I’m sure that part of it is the friendships he’s made with our missionary partners, and the fact that school is out at that point doesn’t hurt, but knowing that our 9-year-old can’t wait to get back to the mission field makes me happy.  I pray our children will gain a heart for the lost and for serving from the year they are spending going to Poland.

These last few weeks will go quickly, and our fund-raising is down to the final $1500 needed by May 1 (thanks to a gift from another very generous supporter).  If you’re local, we invite you to come hear what God is doing and how we are participating at a Mission Lunch tomorrow at Rockville Christian Church.  If you’ve ever thought about going with us, it isn’t too late to make that happen this summer – we could really use someone with lots of energy who could help with recreation activities for the Ukrainian Children’s Camp.  But if going isn’t a possibility for you, sending is another way to fulfill the Great Commission.  Whether you do that with your prayers, encouragement, donating materials or helping us meet our financial needs to go, we pray God’s blessings will fall on you abundantly.  Follow a link below for more information.

Mission Lunch Event

Our Service Plan 2017

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