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Getting Pretty Warm!

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I’ve never really understood the connection between fund raising and a thermometer exactly, but if you’ve been watching our financial support page, you’ll know that our temperature is rising fast!  We have less than $1000 to go to cover all of our expenses for this mission trip.  We will let you know when we reach that goal so we don’t have unnecessary donations.  If we happen to go over, we will return funds submitted later and/or increase our contributions to funding the operations of Ostroda Camp.

Thank you very much to the very generous donors we have made this process go smoothly despite rising transportation and lodging costs.  God has laid it on hearts to support this mission financially so quickly that we haven’t even had time to be tempted to worry about receiving all of our funding.  We are confident that God will provide the remaining financial need as well.

Good News, Bad News

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We received good news yesterday and bad news today.  I always like to start with the positive….

Between our own savings and a generous donation we received yesterday, we were able to secure our airfare before the prices went any higher than they have already climbed.  This is a HUGE relief.  We were able to send a final flight itinerary to our contact in Poland, Dave Hatfield, so that he can continue working on all of our arrangements for travel, housing, etc.  We are very grateful for the faithful couple who felt led to contribute to our trip and made this possible.  Although I’m not sure they want to be publicly recognized, we want to say thank you.

Now for the bad news…. we had already been informed that our accommodations for a portion of our trip would have to be changed due to a huge price spike in hotel cost caused by the Euro Cup, which Warsaw will be hosting toward the end of our trip.  We will be housed in a church rather than spending triple the money on a hotel room for the days we’ll be in Warsaw prior to our flight back to the U.S.   However, the Euro Cup is apparently causing an increase in a lot of other prices as well… food, transportation, etc. which will still affect us and are not avoidable.  This has caused us to have to raise our total fund raising goal by a few dollars.  The amount is estimated, so any extra money that we might end up with will go directly back to Global Missionary Ministries and Ostróda Camp.

Despite the bad news and the fact that asking for financial support is not fun, we are getting very excited about our opportunity to serve in this way.  Having plane seats with our names on them makes this all the more real.  I (Rachel) have to admit a bit of nervousness as well, having never been out of the country (unless you count Canada).  But I know from experience that giving in ministry will cause me to grow as well and will change someone’s life… and for that I will leave my comfort zone!