A Long Overdue Update

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Life has certainly been crazy in the Porter house, juggling several new things in addition to ministry preparation, fund raising, kids activities, life in general and… oh, yeah… our jobs. As such, I’m way behind in several areas including posting updates. So I’m finally taking a moment to let everyone know where we are in our preparations for our next journey back to Poland.

We had a pretty successful fall fundraising season. Many hours of making jewelry, decor and jams/jellies (thanks, Anna and Mom for your hard work toward those productions!), five different bazaars of selling the goods, and our own savings of every dime we could, resulted in enough funds to purchase airfare in January!

The fundraising isn’t complete, however. Getting there is only about half of the need. We’ll still need funds for ground transportation, housing, and ministry expenses, which will total an additional $4600 above the cost of airfare for the four of us to participate in the three ministry outreaches we have in this year’s service plan. Here is a breakdown of our total fundraising need, progress so far and the amount we are still needing. (It is a live chart, so it will be up to date even if you’re reading this post well after it is published.)

We are so grateful for all who have contributed financially and through prayer and encouragement. Will you please pray about being a Sender? We are ready, willing and able to go, but we need others who will send. We pray God will lead you to give what you can to help grow His Kingdom.


Ben, Rachel, Anna & Ethan

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