Special Offer Membership at Uptown Fitness

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Gym Membership (3)

The amazing people at Uptown Fitness (Brad and Susan Bumgardner to name names) have graciously given us 6 one-month memberships to sell at a special price to raise funds for our next journey back to Poland.  This is it!  Your chance to go check out this awesome local gym.  I’ve had a membership for almost a year, and I can’t say enough about how much I love it.  It’s a clean, quiet gym with WiFi, cold water and plenty of equipment options. I’ve learned I actually like the elliptical… who knew?  Spend just $15 and you’ll us reach our fundraising goals while you meet your fitness goals!

1 Month Membership At Uptown Fitness

You’ll receive a gift certificate for a month of workouts at Uptown Fitness on the square in Rockville, IN.


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