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The first stop on our tour of Northwestern Poland churches was Koszalin Messianic.  This is a small congregation of Jewish Christians who welcomed us to their Sabbath Day Worship service this morning.  Most of the churches supported by Polish Christian Ministries have a US church as their “Living Link”, financially and prayerfully supporting them.  Southport Heights Christian Church in Indianapolis is the Living Link for Koszalin.  Three men from that congregation are traveling with us, so this was an opportunity for them to really connect and get to know them.

Our visit began Friday evening with our pick up from the train station and escort to a very nice hotel.  (They think Americans need luxury.  By comparison to all other places we’ve stayed in our years in Poland, this place was extravagant.).   We were excited by a surprise visit from our dear friends, the Korytkowskis.  Then we ate dinner and went for a walk through the city.  Stanislaw, the church’s pastor, showed us the Jewish cemetery and where the synagogue stood before it was destroyed.


We enjoyed the usual cakes and coffee after the service and had some time to fellowship. I love this about Polish Churches.  They do it every week and really spend time talking with one another.  I got to know Ola and Lucia, two older ladies, along with ten-year-old Angelina, whose Dad thought she could interpret for us because of her English classes at school.  When I saw the look of panic on the poor child’s face, I pulled out my translator app and we had a great time “talking” to one another while the PCM guys met with Stanislaw to discuss important things and pray.



We have now arrived in Kołobrzeg.  Rockville Christian is the living link for this congregation so we will bring our greetings from Indiana tomorrow as we worship with them!

Internet is very limited right now. I will post again when I am able!



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