2 Weeks!

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Two weeks from today we will be on our journey back to Poland!  The whole family is ready and it is a daily topic of conversation as we begin preparing our teaching lessons, crafts, encouragement for the church leaders we will visit, gifts and lift it all up in prayer as always.

We know from experience that a good number of ministry opportunities will pop up during the time we are in Poland. Our God is way too cool to be limited to a list of our plans!  But here is what we are expecting for our 2017 trip to Poland.  Prayers are welcome and appreciated!

  • We will serve in Poland for the month of June (give or take a day or two)
  • We will travel to and encourage Christian churches in Poland, planted and/or supported by Polish Christian Ministries.
    • Kosazlin Messianic
    • Kołobrzeg (Piotr Karel’s church supported for years by RCC!)
    • Biąlogard
    • Gryfice
    • Polczyn Zdrój
  • We will do everything we can to help with upkeep and projects at Ostróda Camp, including:
    • yard work
    • cleaning
    • preparation of cabins
    • fixing stuff
    • tech help
    • prayer room
    • encourage and support our friends who do full-time ministry at the camp year-round:  the Korytkowski Family, Oksana Bilous and Kyle Duba.
  • We will spend time growing relationships and serving the Holocaust Survivors who will travel from Israel.  Although some of these are Messianic Jews, many of them do not know Jesus Christ as the Messiah.
  • We will serve during the Ukrainian Children’s Camp alongside a team from a US church – teaching, baptizing and discipling children and teens.  This year’s camp will include refugee children from the war in Ukraine.  Our involvement will include crafts, teaching and getting to know the kids in small groups.
  • We will connect with friends met in the past who have suffered infant loss, as well as looking for other opportunities to minister through Embracing Grace.
  • We will pray for unexpected opportunities to serve and minister – asking God to provide them, open our eyes to them, and give us what we need to act on them.

Let’s GO!

One thought on “2 Weeks!

    Jennifer said:
    May 17, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    I’ll be praying for your trip! That’s a big list with lots of opportunities! I enjoy following your posts during the trip and watching your kids take on the yoke of ministry, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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