But First… Euro Cup

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So we’ve flipped the camp again and been very busy with cleaning, projects and preparations for the Polish “Kreo” (Creation) Camp and that starts today. The teens started arriving around 1 and camp officially began with obiad (lunch). Our first session, where we form teams and get to know one another should be going on right now. But… Poland is playing Switzerland.  Colts fans, March Madness, Hoosier Basketball – none of it comes close to the hysteria of European Soccer. The game is 1:1 in overtime. There is no way we can start camp now.  It may seem silly, or a poor choice of priorities to many. But these kids don’t have to be watching the game right now and almost all of them are here in the chapel. They care about it. I’m thinking about the 15 year old boy that didn’t really want to come to church camp but LOVES soccer. Maybe the fact that we started camp by watching the game will help him decide this isn’t so bad, that we care about the Euro Cup because he does. Maybe it will break down some walls.  So Satan, if you planned on using soccer to derail the start of this week… you lose!

Polska! Polska! Polska!

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