Making Preparations for a Big Day

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Tomorrow, we will host a 45th Anniversary Celebration of Ostróda Camp.  We’ve been busy making preparations for this big event – making sure the grounds look great, designating the roles each of us will play and practicing a special song for the grand finale.  (I promise I have been working just as hard, but no one has taken my picture to prove it!) Ben has been challenged with a special task that I think he is especially gifted to do.  He is making a new sign for the camp using the logo he designed last year!  The hope is that the new sign will be able to be up for this milestone event.

The celebration will include 4 sessions, one for each decade.  The first is the 70’s, with music and interviews of people who were major contributors to the camp during that time.  Then 80’s and 90’s and ending with the “New Millennium” and a banquet.   I have personally witnesses the impact this camp has had on hundreds of people in the five years I have had the privilege of being involved, and I know how much camp influenced me as a child and even in my college years.  I can only imagine how many lives have been changed because of this place since it was established in 1971.  I am happy to be part of the celebration of such a great ministry, and look forward to what Ostróda Camp will bring in the next 45 years.

One quick prayer request… I posted the other day that I’ve been messaging my friend Iwona, though I haven’t been able to see her in person yet.  If you’ve missed previous post about Iwona, she is a lady I met because of our shared experience of having lost a baby at birth.  I’ve been meeting and writing with her for several years.  Today she sent me a message that she is meeting with a young lady who recently lost a baby.  She asked that I pray for God to give her the right words to share.  They are actually meeting right now at the time of this post, but prayers would be wonderful anytime.  Pray for God to grow seeds that are planted and bring healing to this young lady.



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