Flipping the Camp

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IMG_1201Today we “flipped the camp” – this means we cleaned up from one camp and prepared for the next group of people to arrive.  It’s also a time to get projects done like painting, mowing, building stuff, etc. Add to that the fact that the kitchen staff doesn’t work between camps, but there are still a number of people to feed – people who are extra hungry from all physical work they are doing.  So today was a good ol’ hard work day.  Ben started the day super early because he still hasn’t adjusted to Poland time.  He was up at 5 AM and worked to help prepare breakfast for the team and then did all the dishes.  I spent the rest of the morning in the kitchen helping to prepare lunch, then tackled some seriously mildewed bath mats and other cleaning tasks in the cabin throughout the afternoon.  For your sake, in case you’re eating while you’re reading this, I will only share the picture of Ben in the dish room.  You don’t want to see the mold I scrubbed for hours!  I think the cabins need signs telling people to hang up the bath mats to dry!  It’s funny because it’s the same sort of work we do in our day-to-day lives, yet somehow it feels like it matters so much more.  Time to fall into a deep sleep brought on by a satisfying exhaustion!

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