Day 1

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IMG_5391They’re here!  The Ukrainian Children arrived this morning a little before 7AM (I would say at the “crack of dawn”, but that’s before 4 AM here.  They weren’t quite that early!)  We were able to get a full day in with them.  Actually, it feels like it was at least two days crammed into one.  I’m exhausted and I need to be asleep immediately.  Stories and pictures to come, but for now, please just pray that they have already learned some things, but (more importantly) that they have already felt loved and safe here.  Tomorrow Ben and I have the Bible lesson, so we would really appreciate your prayers for that.  Please pray that we will get out of the way so that God will speak through us exactly what this group of kids needs to hear.

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Have you ever seen more beautiful children?
So in love with them and we just met.

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