So Quiet

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We said goodbye to the Holocaust Survivors today.  😦

There were many hugs and kisses, promises to keep in touch (with the ones who speak English anyway) and invitations for us to come visit in Israel.  I think it was a good week.  The message of Christ was shared, and there were many comments about the love they felt being here.  Mission accomplished.  God will grow that love into healing and the revealing of His Son as their brother and Messiah.

The camp is very quiet and empty.  The Savannah Team was already gone, and the interns and Tanya went to Warsaw, leaving just our family, the Korytkowski Family and Oksana.

And now we flip the camp.

We actually have a fairly long “break” between camps, which is a term I use loosely because there is much to do.  We cleared the cabins and rooms of linens, left-behind items, etc. and did some cleaning and moving things around to start preparing for Ukrainian Children’s Camp.  Ben finished the first trundle bed (the new beds built by the Savannah team are bigger, thankfully, and we had to get creative to find ways to sleep the same number of people in each room when the camp is full.)  Ben, Andrzej and Mariusz measured, discussed and planned the new dock construction, which will really begin to take form tomorrow.  Ethan, Ben and Klara picked up lots of sticks and pinecones so we could start mowing the grounds.  It was a productive and exhausting day, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of the task list we hope to finish before the kids camp starts on the 17th.  So off to bed early tonight!

IMG_3793       IMG_3794

IMG3779       IMG3781

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