Poland, Here We Come!

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Screenshot 2015-04-11 20.18.54We made it!  Thanks to the generosity of lots and lots of people who believe in the power of missions, we have been able to purchase our plane tickets!  We will fly out on May 30 and will dive right into preparations for the Holocaust Survivors’ camp.  We are super excited!

Tomorrow is Mission Sunday at church.  Anna and I get to do special music and announce that we have our tickets.  We also get to be the representatives for Polish Christian Ministries at the Missions Fair, and my brother is preaching and representing their mission organization.  What a perfect way to celebrate!

This milestone is the airfare portion of our mission expenses, which is more than half of the total cost.  Our intent has been to raise support for our plane tickets and cover the rest out of ourselves (ground transportation, housing, food, project expenses, activity costs, etc.).  So we will stop the begging for help.  But… the remaining $4000 in expenses is a huge strain on our budget, so we will not turn down any offers for further support and our Mission Store remains open!  If you would still like to contribute, please visit our financial support page.

There is never a limit to the number of people we need praying for us and for the hearts of the people we will minister to!

Thank you!

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