Camp Work Project Day

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IMG_1741 We’ve arrived, recovered from travel (mostly) and are hard at work at Ostróda Camp!   The Holocaust Survivors will arrive tomorrow, so we are busy preparing the camp and taking care of work projects that need to be done.  As suspected, it took less than a few minutes for Ben to be asked to take a look at the WiFi since they are currently only able to get internet in one small area, which is where I am now writing this post!  So he found the box of tools and testers he purchased last year and left here for just this reason, and he’s off reseting routers and getting the place somewhat into the 21st century!  Sandy and I cleaned the chapel this morning.  Cindy and two awesome ladies from the Savannah team completely cleaned out and reorganized the craft supply room (not a small task) and David worked with Savannah guys and the camp’s summer intern to put screens in the cabin windows (another not-small task).  There will be more cleaning, sorting, preparing and praying for the arrival of our honored guests tomorrow.


IMG_1742Anna and Ethan are so happy to see their friends Klara, Ben and Lydia again!  They are off playing hard and catching up.  Please say a little prayer for Ethan.  He wasn’t feeling too great when we arrived yesterday, and actually threw up twice this morning.  We let him sleep until about noon, and he seems to be back to his old self.  I’m hoping that it was just a combination of sinus drainage and travel and not an actual bug of any sort!

Another prayer request…. I’m just going to ask right now that you pray that God will provide for an immediate need the camp has.  It’s already in the works, and I’ll tell you all of the cool details when those prayers are answered!


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One thought on “Camp Work Project Day

    Julie McFarland said:
    June 2, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    Keeping all of you in our prayers!


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