The Rockville Five

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IMG_1697Just one more week and we will be on our way!  We represent one of three teams of five serving through PCM this year.  David has dubbed us “The Rockville Five”, and we will be joined by “The Brighton Five” and the “Savannah Five” for the two different camp sessions this summer.  We are so excited that Cindy is joining us this year!  (Tell her she does NOT look like the grandmother of the family!)

We do have a couple of prayer requests as we enter this last week before the trip.  First, please pray for physical health.  3 of us are battling sinus infections of various degrees, which we really don’t want to get on a plane with.  Second, please pray for the Ukrainian children’s camp.  Bringing children from neighboring countries into Poland seems to always be a sticky matter.  In addition, there are a few kids who would like to come that don’t currently have funding to do so.  If you’d like to help bring a child to camp, let us know as soon as possible and we will find out the details for you!

We want to again say thank you to all of you who have helped us be able to journey back to Poland for the 4th time.  We are sure that our constant request for support gets old, but we continue to be grateful that we have friends, family and a church family that supports missions and what God has called us to do as part of His plan in Poland.  We hope you will follow our journey here!  The adventure begins in T-7 days!

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