Awesome Day in Auburn

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ib0815We have had a terrible time with our attempts to travel to the specific PCM-supporting churches are our prayer list (see In The Footsteps of Paul).  Weather, illness and other commitments have been serious roadblocks.  But today we had the very great privilege of representing Polish Christian Ministries for Auburn Christian Church’s Faith Promise Sunday.  It was a lovely day meeting  great people – the warm and welcoming congregation as well as the passionate representatives from several other ministries.  Ben was able to talk with a couple of his professors from his days at Lincoln Christian University (back when it was LCC), including Rick Champ who joined us for lunch and is doing great things with Ignite Church Planting in Chicagoland.  We loved sharing about the work of PCM and our experiences in Poland, and we hope we can do it again soon with another church seeking to live out the Great Commission.

It’s time to get serious about fundraising.  We have just passed the target date we had set to purchase our airfare and we aren’t even close to having the ability to do that.  The price hasn’t started climbing yet, but it no doubt will soon, and we may need to purchase insurance on our tickets due to the situation in Ukraine.  Will you please pray that God will stir in the hearts of those who are able to support us financially?  Or maybe God is stirring in your heart?  For details about our needs or information about donating, please visit our financial support page.

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