Day 2

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Helping clean up the amphitheater
Helping clean up the amphitheater

Our second full day at Ostroda Camp was another day of trying to catch up on sleep and serving in quiet ways.  Anna and Ethan were both VERY difficult to get up this morning.  It’s hard to go to sleep at 10:00, when it feels like just 4 in the afternoon to you!  So after breakfast I took Ethan to take a nap.  He slept for 2 1/2 hours and was a much happier guy when he woke up.  After obiad (lunch), we picked up sticks again and started raking the amphitheater/campfire area.  An incoming storm brought the work to an end early, so there is still much to do with this job tomorrow.  Hopefully it will dry out quickly or it will be very extra dirty work!  A quick item for prayer… either I slept weird or did something to my neck while I was raking.  My spine is killing me from about mid-back up through my neck.  Please pray that it’s better, not worse, in the morning!  I don’t want to be unable to finish the task!

Kids BIble Club
Kids BIble Club

This evening the children participated, and I got to help a little, with Bible Club.  This is a weekly meeting for the local children that was started by Matt and Laura Perkins when they interned here last year.  We got to work with Matt and Laura on our last visit last June, but they were with Ostroda Camp until Thanksgiving!  The The Korytkowski’s continued it at that point, and were able to minister to a dozen or so children through the entire winter.  This was their last meeting until fall.  The children come to play games, hear a BIble lesson, do a craft and eat snacks.  There were several children who were faithful attenders and who have learned much about God’s Word since last fall.

Ben is still out visiting churches with David Hatfield and will return Sunday.  It sounds like all is going well with those discussions, but we sure do miss Daddy.  Not to mention that the fire pit really needs his magic touch!  We’ll be glad to have him back with us in a couple of days.

As I was writing this blog post, Andrzej came as asked me to speak for a special event he would like to have while I’m here for women who have lost babies.  Please be in prayer for this opportunity.  I welcome it, but I’ll need God’s words to flow through me and for Him to lead those here who need to hear the message.

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