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So, it has been a while since I posted any sort of update on the ministries going on in Poland, and for that I do apologize.  We just received our monthly update from Dave and Sandy Hatfield and I realized that I’ve neglected to pass along a few months of news to those of you who are still praying with us.  So, here are some things Ben and I would like to ask you to pray about, along with the highlights (now written in past tense) of the Hatfield monthly update as the camp season continued at Ostróda Camp.

  • Pray for the Korytkowski’s (Andrzej and April, Camp Directors)
  • Pray for Matt and Laura, two Impact Europe interns who remain in Ostróda until Thanksgiving
  • Pray for Sandy & David as they transition to their new position with Polish Christian Ministries
  • Pray for Ben and I as we continue to seek God’s will concerning our future involvement in Poland.  Our hearts still feel that God has more for us to do, and we’ve recently learned of an exciting possibility.  Please pray for God’s plans to prevail and for us to obey in whatever capacity it may be.
 The End of The Summer at Ostróda Camp
(Hatfield Update)
What an exciting month it has been here in Poland and Ukraine.  All nine Impact Europe interns (along with Angelika, our Polish translator) traveled with David to Dubechno, Ukraine, for a camp with 92 children.  Everyone was fully engaged in the success of the camp as they led in crafts, told bedtime stories, led in worship, shared testimonies, and sang silly songs.  Each of us took on different roles in two “forest” games. One of the “forest” games was called “Pilgrim’s Progress.”  The children had to make choices along the way.  They received a positive mark if they made a good choice and a negative mark if they made a bad choice.  At the end, their marks were tallied.  If they made the choice to have Jesus cover their sins, then they were welcomed into heaven (no matter how many bad choices they had made at other stations along the way).  At the end of the week 23 children made first time decisions to have Jesus cover their sins for real.  That was exciting.
When nine of us returned to Poland we said goodbye to three of our interns.  The remaining six then traveled to Ostróda to lead in Makeover Projects I and II.  There were teams from Indiana, Illinois, California and Connecticut, the first week  Another team from Connecticut came  the second week.  Here are two links to see all the renovation that took place during those two weeks at Ostróda Camp:
While renovation was taking place there was also a significant outreach to the Ostróda community going on at the same time.  Over 100 different children came to Ostróda camp for a 3 hour “VBS” with Bible lessons, children’s worship songs, crafts, and large group games.  It was exciting to see the children open up from the first day until the last.  One girl, Kinga, came both weeks.  The transformation in her demeanor over the course of these two weeks was visibly recognizable.  One of the mothers who came every day the second week told us that her four children loved the day camp.  She said that they were singing the camp songs at home throughout the day.  She wants to bring her children next year.  Ostróda Camp is hoping to host a weekly meeting for children during the school year beginning in September.

One thought on “Catching Up…

    Janann Lynn Frame said:
    October 23, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks for the update Rachel! I have still been praying for the people of Poland and those who are over there giving of their time/talents. That is awesome that over 100 children went to the Ostroda camp! I will continue praying. 🙂


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