Faithful in Prayer

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If you know me well, you’re probably sick of hearing my “life verse”, but I find it to be the perfect guide for every point in my life.  “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)  Right now, I’m focused on the last phrase.  So many of you have been faithfully praying for us, for our children and for the Jewish people throughout this mission trip.  We are very grateful for those prayers, and we ask that they continue.

Europe is an area of the word that is neglected in terms of missions.  When people think of sending out missionaries they think of Haiti, Mexico or any place in Africa, but not one thinks of Europe.  Although most Poles would consider themselves, Catholic,   many are missing a true relationship with God based on grace, but they don’t see that.  As Ben often says, (borrowed from Peter Furler) “You don’t know you’re deceived until you’re not”.  There are also lingering effects of communism and war that impact how many Europeans see God. There is a great need for mission work in this part of the world and join us in praying.

Since we have arrived back home in Indiana, officially ending this short-term trip, our blog posts will become far less frequent.  As we keep in touch with our new friends in Poland and Israel, we will post occasional updates for those that are still praying with us.  In the meantime, here is a list of how you can pray.

  • Pray for the Jewish people who attended the camp and have now returned to their homes in Israel
    • For those who have accepted Christ – that they will continue to grow in their relationship with Him
    • For those who worship God, but do not know Jesus as the Messiah – that He will reveal Himself to His brothers
    • For those who have abandoned the faith of their fathers -that the message of their week in Poland will penetrate their hearts and minds and bring them to God
  • Pray for Andrzej and April as they serve as directors of Ostróda Camp.  They are passionate for the camp and it’s future, but it is an overwhelming task to accomplish all there is to do.
  • Pray for Poland to come to know God in a personal relationship based on grace.
  • Pray for the Christian churches in Poland as they struggle to overcome a Catholic heritage.
  • Pray for the Porters – We feel connected to this place and a strong desire to continue ministering in Poland.  Please pray that we will know how God wants us to continue serving through this passion.
    • How can we support God’s work in Poland from The States?
    • Are we to return?  When?  How long?
    • How can we involve our children in this ministry and mission work?
We thank you for your prayers and support for our journey.

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