They’re Here!

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Wow.  What a day.  I’m very tired, so this will be shorter and probably far less profound than yesterday’s post.

Flowers from Students at the Elementary School

Today we taught lessons at the elementary school. I think it went very well and we seem to have succeeded in establishing a good connection there.  The teacher seems willing to let the interns return and said it was a good experience for her and for the students. I have received wild flowers from the students both days we visited the school, as well as hugs.

Although I did a little to help out, while most of the team was continuing to work on the grounds I had the opportunity to meet Iwona.  Ben and I shared our testimonies as individuals and a couple a few nights ago, which included talking about losing our daughter, Grace.  Sandy pulled me aside afterwards and told me of a friend of hers here in Poland that had been through such a loss as well quite recently.  E-mails were sent and today I was able to meet this lady and talk about the grief of infant loss.  Please pray for her.  Her due date was this coming Sunday.  I am frustrated with myself for not praying with her today, although I certainly have prayed for her.  I am hoping that I will see her again on Sunday at church and can find an opportunity to pray do this.

When all was ready we waited patiently for the arrival our honored guests.  And arrive they did!  Within minutes I was greeted, hugged and kissed!  We helped them to their rooms and ate dinner. It was somewhat chaotic, but wonderful. The language thing has certainly become more complicated.  Just as I am becoming comfortable with a few Polish greetings and phrases that help one get by in public, let’s add Russian to the equation!  The survivors are coming from Israel, but originally from Europe and speak Russian.  In a short evening session there were introductions and some information about the week. Much of it was translated from Polish to Russian for the Israelis and then quietly to us in English by another interpreter.  I have never been surrounded by so many languages.  When people meet they first have to figure out what languages they each speak and how they can communicate.

I must go to bed.  It is late and the sun will wake me in about four hours!

2 thoughts on “They’re Here!

    Jan Frame said:
    June 5, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    So exciting that you got to meet your guests……love, smiles & hugs knows no language barriers. 🙂 I would so love to be at the elementary school, I would be just filled with joy being around those children & I just love the wildflowers they gave you, what a precious gift from their hearts. I know you are blessing them with your huge smiles!


    Michelle Beers said:
    June 5, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Love reading about your days in Poland! Oh how I wish your path would cross w/ Brian and our kiddos ! Bless and be blessed! 🙂


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